Top Pakistani Mehndi Design

Top Pakistani Mehndi Design
Mehndi is old custom of Asian girls, some people also use it as remedy for skin disease, and girls make tattoos of with mehndi as fashion, girls make hinna designs on their hands and feet and it look beautiful. These elegant Pakistani mehndi designs on hand are specially used in wedding functions, walima ceremony,  refreshment programs, casual and formal parties and like other function. These Pakistani mehndi designs on hand contain beautiful floral mehndi designs, leaf mehndi designs, stars mehndi designs, simple and gorgeous Henna designs.Do you know how to get beautiful Mehndi color and design in your budget?

Mehndi has been an important part of Pakistani culture since a long time. Mehndi is basically made by cutting and fine grinding of the hina or mehndi leaves.

It is then mixed with water and the paste is being used on the hands and foot with the help of mehndi cones.

If we particularly talk about mehndi with respect to the brides or wedding Mehndi then mehndi is now central part of wedding.

It is a type of ceremony in which mahndi is applied on the hands; arms and foot of the bride in order to enhance her beauty and her friends and sisters also apply on their hands.

There are so many designs and styles of mehndi that sometimes it makes you confused. Some of the most common mehndi designs include traditional, royal, modern, contemporary and Arabic etc.

There are various methods of applying mehndi on the hand. For instance, in Arabic style mehndi we use thick and filled designs that have a flow in them. Moreover, the Arabic mehndi consists of various flowers and other patterns that are filled with different shades.

On the other hand, the Pakistani and Indian mehndi designs are much delicate and sensitive. They are very detailed and thin as our brides love to fill their hands and arms and due to this reason they take more time for application as compared to Arabic mehndi.


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