Funny Pictures Of Fat People Eating

Funny Pictures Of Fat People Eating
Girls are often worried about gaining weight or getting fat. Have you ever imagined how a person looks like after they gain weight. Take a look at picture of these girls who were totally fit until they started eating McDonalds.
It's not very often that I do a picture hub, generally because of the stigma attached to it here on hubpages, but I found one of the pics on this page so damn funny that I had to look for more. I feel a little bad, picking on the overweight, but let's face it.

For the study - published in the Journal of Consumer Research - University of Colorado researchers offered candy to people who had been shown one of three pictures - a fat person, a normal-weight person, or a lamp. The researchers found that those who had seen the picture of the fat person took more candy than those who had seen either of the other photos.

In a similar study involving cookies, the same researchers found that people ate twice as many cookies after seeing a picture of an overweight person. And a 2007 Harvard study found that having obese friends tends to make people fat, NPR reported.

Not that it's so easy to find normal-weight friends these days - with recent research showing that roughly one-third of Americans are obese.

Why would seeing someone who's eaten a lot make people want to eat more?


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