Tiger Tattoos For Women

Tiger Tattoos For Women
To women the tiger tattoo is savage and wild and represents female power. Said to be the king of beasts this symbol of strength should be feared and treated with the upmost respect.

Tiger tattoos can be done in many different ways, most popular is the realistic tiger usually drawn lifelike and surrounded by its natural habitat. Other options include cartoon tigers which are considered more playful and lighthearted, and then there are tribal, Chinese and zodiac versions. Tiger tattoos are done beautifully and can blend into any canvas. Most markings are big and bold and use bright colors to command attention. Often tiger tattoos are displayed with their paws spread forward and out as tiger paws are said to be symbols of good luck.A tiger is the Asians what a lion is to the Europeans. Tigers are associated with power, passion and agility. The Koreans call it the �King of the Animals�. It is believed that one feels stronger if a tiger appears in one�s dreams.Tiger tattoos are both beautiful and powerful body art selections. As the largest members of the cat family, both tigers and tiger tattoos have come to symbolize strength, power, energy, passion and beauty. These robust cats kill their prey by a deadly bite in the throat; therefore, tiger tattoos may also represent destruction and violence. Due to their large size and intricate detailing, tiger tattoos are usually placed on backs, legs and upper arm areas.it's a little more difficult to work with than other tattoo themes because most offer more flexibility than solid body mammals do, and still retain their essence.

One thing I particularly like about the tiger tattoo is what you can do with its stripes, which in the case of leaving the color out and only using dark inks, really come out fantastic; at least in my personal tastes and observations.

Tigers of course are able to be presented in the orangish/red colors, which can really look good, but I just like the darker colors and stripes, which can really stand out strongly. Primitive tribes used body paints or alternatively scar themselves in order to get some body markings and get to a certain spiritual level.

These days it is possible to find different designs ranging from the traditional to the modern graphics that can grab a tattoo lover�s attention. Among the most loved tattoo designs currently is the tiger tattoo. This great creature can be done in different sizes including large, medium and small. Here the cost corresponds with the size because big designs entail much work for the artist as well as more ink. Someone once said �Good tattoos aren�t cheap and cheap tattoos are really not good!


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