Latest Sarees

Latest Sarees
Saree is traditional dress of India and liked by a large number of women from every part of the world. Choice of every women is different from others according to their demand designers  have designed many styles of saree and saree blouse.

Now in this modern time no one wants to wear simple saree and wants to change look in latest saree and its blouse like bold blouses. According to your search I have collect some latest saree blouse for Saree Fashion of 2010 and 2011.

You can take idea from these attractive styles of latest blouse for bridal saree, party saree, causal saree and wedding saree.

Sarees are in fashion especially designer and printed sarees. One of my friend (I can not disclose the name) likes to wear sarees from very young age. She loves saree as her attire. She likes to experiment on different types of sarees and she worth doing all this.

By profession she is fashion designer and works in a MNC. Last time I got to know that she is kind of devoting her time to saree experiment, she will buy all different types of cloth materials from Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai when ever she is in India.

White chiffon cloth material for saree is something of special interest. She will color it with different color combination like half pink and half yellows and silver color, now it will print patterns designed by her, this is not over yet.

After printing is done she will do latest saree boutiques all manually using metal like silver and gold. Now the border part, this is the best part, even I like the latest designer borders, wide and with some gems like pearl the real one and not the fake gem.
First put on a choli and a petticoat, the blouse must be close fitting and petticoat must be ankle length and should have a draw string at the top, pull the drawstring and tie the petticoat around the waist comfortably.

Now, the petticoat should be tied tightly, so that the sari does not slip. Take the inner edge of the sari and tuck it into the petticoat in front, a little more to the right side, with the sari going towards the left.

Having tucked in the pleats, turn around again to the right, holding the top edge of the sari in your hand, and bring it round your hips to the front.

Gather the pallu, and place it over the left shoulder. The upper border of the sari should slant across the bust from under the right arm to over the left shoulder.

The palu should be about a yard (90 cm.) in length, just touching the fingertips, as it falls evenly behind you.

If you still feel it is hard to drape the sari. Designers have come out with a novel solution, pre-stitched saris. Pre-stitched saris makes sari wearing a one step easy process. These saris are draped and stitched together with a petticoat to make it an easily wearable garment, just like putting on a skirt, without the fuss of tucking, pleating and adjusting the pallav length. This easy to wear, pre-stitched sari can be worn by any body without the bother of actually draping it.


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