Female Tattoos Designs

Female Tattoos Designs
Tattoos on a female body look sexy, provocative and feminine!

Generally, the females are mindful of fashion trends. They want to have a design that will amaze everyone who looks upon it. (Learn more ideas about female tattoo designs).

You can observe tattoo almost on every female body parts. While some female prefers cute and feminine designs, others may like tougher and intricate artworks, and they ink on more visible body parts such as the arms and legs. The ankles, necks, hips, thighs, breasts, shoulders, stomachs and lower back are also popular spots for a woman to wear tattoo.
Tattoos as an art form is almost as ancient as mankind itself. Several tattooed Egyptian female figurines ated circa 4000-3500 B.C. are the oldest evidence of female tattoos. The oldest actual female tattoos are also found in Ancient Egypt - female mummies with permanent drawings of lines and groups of dots forming geometrical patterns.

In Ancient Egypt this art form was restricted to women only. It is unknown why these women were tattooed but common theories suggest that they either were marked because of their dubious status as a 'dancing girl' or her connection with religious practice and serving certain goddesses.

Female Tattoo Designs : If females are out for the tattoo designs for their sexy tattoo designs that are most popular, Female Tattoo Designs you can want to look at the lower back of females and wrist Female Tattoo Designs .
If you are looking at female tattoo designs but need some help to find a sexy image that you can display on the body part of your choice, then here are some of the most popular locations favored by girls today. And, with so many different styles and designs to choose from you should be able to find just the right one to help you stand out from the crowd.

One of the most popular locations in recent decades was of course the lower back, however this gained rather a bad reputation as it was often referred to as a tramp stamp and has been somewhat overused over the years. However, if you want an alternative location that is still sexy but very sensual and less common too, then how back the back of the neck? In some cultures this is considered to be the most sensual point of the body.
The human race operates in trends. One day one thing is really popular, the next day it is something completely different. That is kind of the way things work. Well that being the case, it is obvious that the world of tattoos is no different. Designs and ideas in the tattoo world come and go as fast as the next teen idol. But there are always a few that leave a lasting impression. Here are a few tattoo trends and ideas that were really popular, cute tattoo designs for girls at one time.

The Lower Back Tattoo - Leading the pack, no doubt, is the ink on the lower back. The tramp-stamp, as it is commonly refereed to, showed up around the mid 1990's and is a staple in the female world of tattoos. It started as a cute tattoo design for girls but was quickly over done and girls had to find ways to defend getting it. Though this tattoo design has lost some momentum over the years, it is still a very popular tattoo for girls to get.

The Asian Character - This design is a little bit of an X-factor because it was very popular amongst men as well. It hit American tattoo culture like a punch from Mike Tyson. It seemed for awhile everyone, especially females, really embraced the idea of getting a word or phrase inked on in the form of an Asian character. What was funny about the idea though, is everyone took for granted the character they got actually meant what they wanted it to mean. It is a curious thought to think about all the people running around saying that their tattoo means Love and Water, when in actuality it could be cheeseburger.


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