Dragon Tattoos Women

Dragon Tattoos Women
A dragon is a serpent or a reptile like creature, that is said to bear some spiritual powers. This creature has scary looks with its scaled body, clawed feet, large wings, all with a power of emitting fire from the mouth. The concept or the meaning of dragon is different in the Eastern and Western hemisphere. People living in the east believe dragon to be a protector of the mass, while those who belong to the west consider a dragon to be an evil spirit. The Eastern dragon is worshiped by the people and is considered as the savior, friendly creature and is a symbol of good fortune. These dragons do not have wings and have long slender bodies. Among the Eastern dragons, Chinese and Japanese dragons are well-known for their artistic designs and beautiful colors. Western dragons are believed to bear negative powers. It is said that these tattoos used to destroy villages with their fire breathing powers and were a curse to humanity. 
Women seem to enjoy dragon tattoos because of their many different design patterns and striking colors. It is easy for any woman to make a dragon tattoo into her own creation, reflecting her personality, emotions, and expressiveness within its beauty.
Dragon tattoos have long been popular design choices in the tattoo industry.. Dragon tattoo for women are popular because of the special bond many of us share with these fairy tales. Like any other dragon tattoo, finding the right tattoo for you is the best goal. There are many different types of women dragon tattoos.
such as flower, star, dolphin and etc for their ankle. However, these dragon tattoo designs also suitable to be inked on the ankle. Most importantly, your dragon ankle tattoo will be looked very unique and special as compared to those common designs.

Being a style of art, dragon tattoo designs can be designed creatively in order to make it more amazing on your ankle area. In Asia, the dragons are always connected to the supernatural powers, bravery and wisdom. Typically, Japanese and Chinese people considered that dragon may be the one which offers protection and also luck to some people.

Women adore flaunting their ankle especially in summer, along with a dragon tattoo within this spot is pretty sexy yet mysterious. Ankle dragon tattoos for women are available in a different styles, the most famous being cute blue dragon designs and tribal tattoo designs.


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