Body Tattoos For Women

Body Tattoos For Women
Getting Inked is one of the most important decisions you can make � body tattoos are permanent, they are a statement of who and what you are. It presents to the outside world a statement of self that cannot be argued with, it tells much of how you perceive yourself and how you want to be perceived by the wider world. At Body Tattoos I want to bring together every aspects of Tattoos and Inking, a one-stop Tattoo Studio online, let me know what you want and how you want to see it�but first, Welcome to Body Tattoos.

Body TattoosBody Tattoos have been part of our culture forever. They may fall out of fashion every now and then but we will always have them.

Over the past decade the rise in demand for tattoos shows no sign of stopping, and why not? This is a great way to express yourself in a truly individual and personal manner using the beauty and symbolism of body art. Female tattoo enthusiasts seem to prove that this works for them as they account for 65% of the market at the moment so that may be why there are so many cool body tattoos for women to choose from.

Feminine choices in tattoo designs are generally very different from their male counterparts, opting for pretty, cute images and a much softer style than some of the more aggressive masculine tattoos. Favorite images commonly requested by women include fairies, butterflies and floral designs that are fun, colorful and often very delicate. These are particularly popular among younger women but body tattoos for women that involve script or writing of some sort are also rising in demand.

n the past, women tended to opt for small discrete images however now they have the freedom to choose obvious designs in any shape or size that can be placed anywhere on the body, even in very prominent locations. Tattoos are so widely accepted in society now that there is no longer any stigma attached to having a tattoo so a girl can wear her tattoo with pride. This not only allows her to express what she wants it to say about herself but also gives an air of confidence that can be very sexy.

Thanks in part to celebrity endorsements, tattoos have become the ultimate fashion accessory that help a girl stand out from the crowd. There is something really cool about a pretty and cute image inked on the female skin and if she can flaunt it confidently with pride then this will enhance its sex appeal even further. Fortunately, there are a great many cool designs around in body tattoos for women that look great visually and are also highly symbolic. Flower designs continue to be a favorite among many women as do tribal patterns and symbols, although these tend to more feminine than those used for men. In ancient times, women played an important role in tribal rituals and much of the tribal art used in today�s body art designs can be traced back to the culture of these tribes.


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