Eye Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes
A dark colored eyeliner, no matter what color you choose will bring the entire focus onto your brown eyes. If you want a natural look, try out with some black eyeliner applied minimal onto the edges and a bit thicker on the central portions of your eyelashes. This creates a look of style and will make your brown eyes glow and look bright. You can also opt for a combination of light pastel shadows with dark eyeliners to make a really effective look out of your brown eyes. You lucky girl! Makeup tips for brown eyes are the easiest of all because you have a color of eyes that every color goes with. From the lightest golds to the darkest smokey colors � it all works for you. Still, there are times when you might wonder which colors to choose. 1. Are your eyes deep dark brown? This is the darkest level of brown. In some women their eyes almost appear black. Most eye makeup colors that are in the medium to dark color range will work for you. The one problem this eye color has is that your eye makeup can sometimes look too dark or harsh. For that reason it�s important to use the lighter flecks of color in your eyes to select highlight colors. The contrast between the darker colors and highlight will set off your color best.

2. Are your eyes medium brown? This is truly the easiest color of all to work with. You can wear any color. Mauves, violets and purples all look great on you. You can go the opposite and wear golds, coppers and bronzes. Greens look outstanding on you. If you want to use color, but in a subtle way then use it to line your eyes. Try dramatic looks or multiple colors on your eyes when you want something different.

3. Are your eyes light brown? Light brown eyes are unexpectedly striking. Do you have golden flecks in your eyes? If so then remember to use a very pale yellow as a highlight. The one thing you need to be careful of is not to overpower your brown shade. Limit the darker shadows to use in the crease area. While other colors of brown might enjoy black eyeliner you may want to consider a dark brown instead.

4. Are your eyes so light they look hazel? This is a level that looks great with colors that are just a little darker than your normal skintone would be. Champagne and mauve colors look great with hazel eyes. The key to making hazel really stand out is to line them with another color such as a violet, bronze or dark brown. Apricot or pink highlight works well with this color, too. Pass on black eyeliner because it tends to overpower hazel. Many of the women use this color because it look natural and you can use it in day time and night time as well. But this color give nice and complete effect on the face and personality.

So you can use the different types of brown shades and colors in different ways. But what thing suit on you you have to take care of this thing. When you are going to apply the eye shadow colors you most of the apply two or three colors on you eye but nothing more that.

The thing is you need to know that if you are going for office timing you need to use the maat colors come in light brown and dark brown color but the quantity of the dark brown should be in low in quality. In lighter shades more then darker shades.



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