Lip Makeup

Lip Makeup
To begin with you should look at what sort of color you like. For those who have fair skin they should avoid colors such as orange or burgundy as they will make one look washed out. Instead one should opt for lighter colors such as pale pinks or peaches. Light browns are also acceptable. These will help to bring out the natural beauty of your skin color.

If you are interested in a red shade remember to pick the right red for you. Bright fire engine red is not for everyone but with all the different shades of red to choose from as long as you try out a few different ones you can still pull it off. This is especially important and dependent on your outfit of the day, the color must go hand in hand with what you are wearing.If you are going to choose one of these colors avoid dark makeup around your eyes. This will draw attention away from your lips and make one look too made up and can result in making one look like a clown. This is the total wrong way to go about choosing the right Lip Makeup.Whenever you decide to wear lipstick, you ought to really use lip liner. The reason for this is because lip liner will keep the lipstick in location, and not permit it to �bleed� off the edges of one�s lips, which always makes people appear like their lipstick has smudged and is not really attractive.When your lipstick changes colour or "turns blue" on your lips, after a period of wear, it is an indication that it needs to be reapplied.This change occurs because the so-called true colour of the lipstick (the colour you see in the lipstick case or on the lips immediately after application) has worn out more quickly than those components of the lipstick which are responsible for the adherence and these chemicals generally have a slight bluish tone.Habits like biting or picking the lips intensify the problem, since they help remove the true colour even more quickly.If your lips are not dry and clean, when you are applying the lipstick, the colour loss is more rapid.You would face this problem less frequently with brown or brick shades, since these pigments tend to keep their colour better than pink or mauve shades.

Lipsticks seem to come off rather easily nowadays as they are less heavy and less staining than they once were.This is because they contain more waxes and emollients to give them a sheer glossy finish.1.The first aim of lip make up is to make the lips soft and supple. This can be done by using home made lip balm. The best home made lip balm is to mix honey, olive oil and almond oil. This make the lips soft and healthy.

2.The next aim is to maintain the lip colour for a longer time. First is to apply some amount of foundation on the lip and then dust it with talcum powder. This makes sure that the lipstick colour sticks on for a longer time.

3.The next step is to draw the lip in a perfect line. If you want to make your lips look fuller, then you need to draw the line outside the lip line. If you want to make your lips look thinner, then the line should be drawn inside the lip line. Make sure the colour of your lip liner matched the colour of your lipstick.

4.Make sure to highlight the two bends on the lip. In the upper lip, highlight the lip point by drawing a line till the inside of the lips. 



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