Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoo that are unique to convey the deep meaning and symbolism. Not much is known about their origin, but the crosses are a basic shapes in terms of symbolic motifs.

They are popular because they are socially acceptable, and can be combined with many other elements, such as animals, birds, and letters. They have many meanings, and take many forms.

Cross TattooCross Tattoo can be divided into religious and nonreligious groups. Latin cross, Celtic, and St. Andrew are religious, but have different meanings. The Latin cross is one of the most famous: it consists of a vertical line that is shorter by a horizontal cut of how the upper third. Celtic are similar in form but has loops or nodes in the intersection, as a symbol of the eternal cycle of life. Cross of St. Andrew's Cross is the symbol of the patron saint of Scotland.

Cross Tattoo non-religious are very popular, they look great and important things to symbolize the wearer. The three most common types of them are the ankh, the Cross-Gothic, and the dew. The ankh was among the Egyptians, they used the key to life by their gods in the underworld, was the popular belief. The gothic cross Goth culture is pain, anger and depression symbolizes. Young people like these tattoos if they want to rebel. Finally, the rope just a capital T, considered one of the most powerful letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

The figure below is an example of Cross Tattoo

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