Butterfly Tattoo

There are some reasons why people choose to have a butterfly tattoo. For some, the symbolic meaning of a butterfly, and it is a defining moment in their lives. Others choose butterflies just because they are so beautiful and magnificent tattoos.

So what is the symbolic meaning of a butterfly? This beautiful winged creatures have many meanings, and they differ in many cultures:

Butterfly TattooAs you can see the butterflies have different meanings for different cultures and people, but you can easily just because they are so pretty. There are so many colors to choose from for these drawings that you can literally let your imagination run wild in their selection. You can also flowers, hearts, a name or even several butterflies together.

Women in particular are fond of butterfly tattoo because of their femininity and grace. Seen in almost anywhere you want to make it big. Most popular sites are the design ankles, feet, wrists, abdomen, back, shoulders and arms. You can also use this tattoo in every size imaginable, from small to large. Whatever choice you make for your butterfly tattoo is a beautiful work of art that you love forever.

The figure below is an example of Butterfly Tattoo

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