Pin Up Girl Tattoos

Pin up girl tattoos drawings are impressive old school that can look great on both men and women. They are usually very colorful, medium and large patterns that have really come out. They are incredibly sexy in a way old school.

Pin up girl tattoos were very popular with sailors and have since been worn by many women as a symbol for a sense of beauty, fun and feminine strength.

tattoo ideas pin up girlThis is what I call the style "up and down" simply because the design is the girl who just turned many times in high heels or their toes, their hindquarters before and head high. These work great for the forearms and calves.

One of my favorite of pin up girl tattoos are one of the stress feet. They are either high kicks in the air, while the girl is sitting or lying, or crossing your legs while seated. There are other variants, but the legs always seem to focus on the tattoo. This can work inside the upper arm, chest and legs wide.
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