Bridal Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup Tips
bridal look, the wedding make up trends have changed to a great extent. From the past few years, a huge change in the wedding makeup can be seen. The makeup techniques have completely changed and subtle and lighter shades of cosmetics are preferred over darker tones. It�s every girl�s deepest desire to look gorgeous on her wedding day. The trendy and simple look is a must have for this wedding season and here are some simple wedding make up tips to make you look pretty as a bride.

The wedding makeup tips for this season that is quite different from the tips that have been discussed earlier. These days, brides prefer to wear what�s comfortable for them either it is their hair-do, their bridal dress or the wedding make up. The girls want to look stunning by staying simple in a very classy way.
    * Starting with the wedding make up for eyes, one can try out for the old fashioned classic look that is less mascara and elongated eye liner that enhances the shape of the eyes. One can go for darker shades for the eye shadow.

    * It is important that you do not �over layer� your face with foundation or base. Always remember �whitish� wedding make up is so last season. Doing less on that part is an essential wedding make up tip.

    * Go for lighter shades for your lipstick. Always keep in mind that the lipstick should compliment your wedding dress. This does not mean that you necessarily have to wear the same colored lipstick as that of your dress. That can surely make you look hideous!

    * Using shimmers for your face and neck is a good idea but too much shimmer can make you look flashy even for your wedding day. The wedding make up should complement the whole look accordingly.

    * There is a big NO to prominent lip liners when it comes to wedding make up tips. Go for lighter shades of the lip liner that enhance your wedding makeup in a very subtle way and also match your lipstick.
Every bride wants to look her best on the wedding day. Ideally, the preparations and grooming sessions start a few months earlier. To look gorgeous on the main day is not an easy task and requires more than a day's effort. Diet and fitness training must be complimented to the application of cosmetics. One of the major things you have to take into consideration is that your skin must have a natural glow. Drinking water and avoiding consumption of junk food is the first step. Using good products on your skin and exfoliating is going to make you the world's prettiest bride. One of the biggest worries is emotions running high and makeup running down your cheeks! This could definitely result in a disaster. Your eyes might be puffy or swollen due to strain; for this purpose use slices of cucumber to relieve them. Getting adequate sleep will render you fresh and beautiful for the morning ahead. Read about these makeup tips for the eyes and lips to make you look your ravishing best for the wedlock.


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