Best Eye Shadow

Best Eye Shadow
Looking for the best eye shadow for your budget? Look no further � we collected products from a bunch of brands and had our testers try them out. Here are the best eye shadows of the pack.
The subject of applying eyeshadow is debateable. Some would say a simple finger would do the trick, but if you think about germs and the mess you might get into then you may want to look into an eyeshadow brush. Another factor why your finger is not a good idea is that it contains natural oils. The oil from your finger will get left behind in the eyeshadow and this creates another mess. When it comes to blending in you may want to use the old finger, but otherwise an eyeshadow brush is your best bet. A brush that you find in your little eyeshadow compartment is not your best option. In fact this is something to avoid at all costs. For someone who is learning to apply eyeshadow for the first time and finding it frustrating part of the reason they may be tearing their hair out is because of the quality of the brush.People often ask �What are the best eyeshadow colors for me?�

Rules abound over this one and I agree with Kevyn Aucoin�s view:
�There are no rules when it comes to makeup.�

You, like me, know when the eyeshadow you've just applied is not right.

Makeup trends are all about selling cosmetics. I believe in the classics with an adventurous splash of something different every now and again.

Apart from being too enthusiastic with blush and using a really dark lip-liner, the enthusiastic application of vivid colour to eyes brings to mind that dreaded saying � you know the one I mean.

Spending 20 minutes to end up looking like a clown is not my idea of fun or time well spent!

You may have already picked up my absolute delight with so many drop-dead-gorgeous eyeshadow colours? So if there are no rules to guide you, apart from your reaction at your reflection in the mirror, how can you choose the best eyeshadow colors?

Actually, there is one rule:

NEVER choose eyeshadow colors to match the colour of your oufit.

Eyeshadow is worn to enhance your eyes, to make the whites appear whiter, to make your eyes alluring, bigger, brighter and NOT to complement the colour of your dress.

And it�s not just about your eye colour; choosing the best eyeshadow color is also about your skin tone and hair colouring. So either go to a professional or have fun trying out different combinations.

Eye shadow can be tricky if you are looking for the best of the best. You may need products that blend perfectly, have the right shades for your exact eye color, or just have staying power and pigment like no other. No matter kind of shadow you need, we have all of your best eye shadow options here. When it comes to eye shadow, you get what you pay for. These products aren�t the least or most expensive on the market, though they the best in their particular arena.


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