Beauty Tips For Lips

Beauty Tips For Lips
Lips are the blessings of God, and the vital part of face. We can eat, smile, and talk with them. The first and most important tip is that drink plenty of water otherwise your lips will be dehydrated and dry, and your face look will fussy. Eating a lot of green vegetables and fruits can make your lips reddish. You must never use alcohol at all because it develops dehydration in body and as well as lips. So keep hardly away from this kind of things.

Especially in winter, lips get dry cause of dehydration because everyone in this season drink less water so the result is that not only lips but also whole body will effect by it. Dont ever lick your lips for giving wetness, this method will increase too much dryness on lips. Also keep away from biting the lips because it�s worse than licking the lips, it�s a bad habit and lips can damage doing it.
Here I want to share some useful and approved tips for lips care. Women and young girls seem very touchy for the natural color and soft look of their lips. To get more rosy and soft lips you have to take care of your lips and follow some instructions. For lips care you don�t have to spend more time and money but you can make your lips more beautiful by practicing the following tips.

v  Take milk cream. You can get this cream by boiling milk and leaving it for half an hour. Take off the thick layer on the surface of milk and use it for lips care. Mix this cream with some glycerin and apply this home made balm on your lips and leave it for night and make your lips more smooth, rosy and shiny.Chapped lips (medically known as cheilitis) can be the result of several things. While this condition is not a serious one, it can be uncomfortable and unsightly and most people would prefer to avoid it. One of the main causes of chapped lips is dehydration. The skin on the lips is very sensitive to the loss of moisture. Lips can become chapped when exposed to dry weather, wind, sun or any other harsh conditions. Applying Vaseline or lip balm before facing the elements can help prevent chapping. Reapply as often as necessary to combat the harsh effects of the wind and sun and keep lips moist.


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